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TanoTomu project #22

Mutou Tomu & Tano Yuuka G+ 2012/03/10~18

In this episode:
- Yuuka is jealous.
- Yuuka massaging Tomu (reaction) and touched a lot (reaction).
- Yuuka is the first one who kissed Tomu (can I say “the first and only one”?).
- Yuuka explicity confessed her love for Tomu* and waits for Tomu’s answer. Seriously.
- Tomu is just too shy (and tsundere) so she can’t say she too loves Yuuka, but she can’t say she doesn’t love her neither since she’s madly in love for her, so she just doesn’t answer but keeps “play” with her anyway.

*Yuuka explicity said “I love you” [Aishiteru] that it’s different from the usual “suki” and “daisuki” that are more like “I like you” and “I really like you”. It’s love. That kind of love. That forbidden love.

Sorry for the very long wait.

Now we’re on the 18th of March 2012, only 5 days left to Yuuka’s promotion to Team 4 during the concert at the Saitama Super Arena. Let’s hope their interaction won’t change after that.

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